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After Being in Lockdown For A Year, These Things Are Now Adventurous

I think we'd all agree that something like riding a rollercoaster 20 times in a row qualifies as "adventurous." But what about this stuff? Has the pandemic made us all a little soft? A new survey looked at what qualifies as an "adventure" now that we've all been cooped up for a year. And some of them are pretty iffy. Here's a list of things we now consider to be adventurous . . .

1.Trying a new recipe.

2.Eating outside.

3.Watching a new TV show or movie

4.Taking the long way home

5.Ordering from a new restaurant

6.Choosing a new book to read

7.Staying up past your normal bedtime

8.Trying a food that's spicier than you're used to

What are some things you think are adventurous now that never would have qualified before? For me, it's actually going into the grocery store instead of getting pickup or delivery. Listening to music in my backyard a little loudly. And splurging on take out from an expensive restaurant. What about you?

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