There's An Online Petition Pushing for LeVar Burton to Be the Jeopardy Host

You might remember that after Alex Trebek passed, there was a campaign to make LeVar Burton from "Reading Rainbow" the next permanent host of "Jeopardy!"? Well, now it's picking up steam. Back in November, some fans started an online petition to shine the light on him. It had 50,000 signatures back then, and LeVar made it clear that he'd be interested in doing the show. Well, it's going viral again . . . and now it's surpassed 155,000 signatures. LeVar is also boosting its reach. He shared another link to the petition on social media, and said, quote, "[I'm] leaving this here in the event the powers that be are listening . . ." The petition says, quote, "LeVar Burton has inspired and shaped the minds of several generations of trivia-loving nerds. This petition is to show [the producers] just how much love the public has for Burton, and how much we'd all love to see him as the next host." Personally, I don't understand why they don't at least make him a guest host. He's definitely a better choice than some of the ones they've had, so I really hope they give him a shot.