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The Music Docu-series, Behind the Music, is Back With New Episodes!

I always loved Behind the Music back in the day. Even if it was an artist I didn't particularly like, I still got sucked into their story. It always showed how they gained fame and success and then things spiraled. Usually they ended on an upbeat note. Well now, Paramount Plus is reviving the VH1 series “Behind the Music” with episodes about Duran Duran, New Kids on the Block, and Huey Lewis and more. The series actually launches July 29thwith two episodes one featuring Ricky Martin and another about LL Cool J. Other subjects featured in this first set of episodes include Huey Lewis, Busta Rhymes and Fat Joe. A trailer for the series also features Jennifer Lopez, but her episode isn’t expected to air until the second half of the season. Check out the schedule and trailer below

July 29 :Ricky Martin

July 29: LL Cool J

August 5: Huey Lewis

August 12: Busta Rhymes

August 19: Duran Duran

August 26: New Kids on the Block

September 2: Bret Michaels

September 9: Fat Joe

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