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Life Hacks That Will Make Your Day Easier, and We All Want That!!

Most "life hacks" are good for a couple uses before they're completely forgotten . . . but others are so good that they can become a part of your daily routine. Try these. I do most of them!

1. Keep your alarm clock or phone across the room, out of arm's reach. (I have to do this or I would never get up at 3:30...LOL)

2. When working from home, use your breaks to complete simple chores. (I'm constantly up doing little things. Sometimes Diane or my mom will just yell, "Sit down once in a while")

3. Get things ready for the next morning the night before. (I've been doing this since grade school and never stopped)

4. Make "don't put it down, put it away" your mantra. (Well, I TRY to do this one. I can't say I always get it right)

5. Hang a notepad on your pantry or refrigerator to stay stocked. (We have a notepad on the fridge, but we use it more to keep score of the games we play..LOL)

6. When cooking, clean as you go. (I always do this...I hate a messy kitchen)

7. Start your day with a full glass of water. (This one is fairly easy for me since I have to start my day taking some meds, so they go down with a bottle of water every morning)

8. If you have kids, complete YOUR nighttime routine at the same time you're making sure they do theirs . . . especially if you have trouble sticking to it yourself. (Even if I had kids, chances are my bedtime routine would be before theirs considering I'm 'in bed at 7 each night...LOL)

What life hacks do you use that would work for everyone. We're always looking for ways to make life easier!!

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