WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Interested In Joining WWE

WillMatthew McConaughey add “professional wrestler” to his resume? He hinted to a future in the WWE during a chat withMaria Menounos on the latest episode of her podcast,Better Together.

While the Oscar winner wouldn’t go into detail about his plans, he told Maria, “It is something that interests me.” Matthew and his three kids with wife,Camila Alves – 12-year-oldLevi, 10-year-oldVida, and eight-year-oldLivingston – actually love the sport. 

“I love the suspension and disbelief, ‘cause my kids and I watch it,” Matthew shared. “And they're starting to get that when they go, ‘Oh this is fake.’ I'm going, ‘What are you talking about? No way!’ Because I won't give them the wink yet, but they're starting to get that in there, there's a bit of one, ya know? Two of them are like, ‘This isn't fake, it's real!’ That's so much of the fun of it, is going, ‘This is real.’ And it is.”