"Isn't It Romantic" Trailer Latest Rom-Com

Well my wife and I worked on this film summer of 2017. We were there for the wedding scenes. You may see me well dressed in Matrix looking sunglasses. A bunch of the other background performers and day player actors kept looking at us and whispering. I could hear them say, "Look! There are actors really kissing on the set!" To which an older actor, who's seen just about everything said, "I'm willing to bet they're really married in real life." Well, he was right and we were told you can't ever be too touchy, feely and kissy in a Rom-Com. I think we started something because every casting call after that said, "Looking for real couples to really kiss on set." I think we started something.

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc "The Cope" Coppola is a native New Yorker who can be heard on a station near you!


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