A Troy man was arrested for the attempted robbery of Officer Brandon Cipperly at Kokopelli’s Club on Saturday, January 25, trying to grab his nightstick.

Kerif Hassan Burns, 30, is charged with Attempted Robbery and Obstruction of Governmental Administration. In a statement, police say Burns attempted to forcibly remove the baton while Cipperly was going into Kokopellis in response to a reported fight. His actions were recorded on video and were overt and forcible, according to Capt. John Cooney, police spokesman.

“Mr. Burns attempted to wrestle the baton away from the officer,” said Cooney. “He was unsuccessful and was pushed aside so the officer could continue his quest to find an assault victim.”

African American activists and the club's owners have accused cops of overdoing it. Police say video backs up their contention that the use of force was justified.